Western world is losing Christian values, says leading bishop

Dr Nazir-Ali says the western rule is losing Christian values
The Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, claimed the declining importance of the church was creating a ”double jeopardy” situation where faith was being challenged at a time when society would most benefit.

He said believers needed to ”recover their nerve” and spread the Gospel again.


Så talar en biskop inom Church of England.

Och han fortsätter:

“Christian ideas about the sanctity of the human person at the beginning and the end of life are being denied either on the basis of scientific progress or crude utilitarianism, which speaks of the greatest good for the greatest number, or leaving the ’yuck’ factor to decide what is permissible for people.”

Dr Nazir-Ali added, returning to the theme of parents not passing on religion to their chlidren: “Many of society’s problems particularly in young people are related to the fact that so many have not experienced a stable family life. So many have grown up without a recognisable father figure.”

Enligt min mening har han alldeles rätt. Jag tror verkligen att det är His Master’s Voice.



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