Den trettiofjärde i gruvan…

Jag läste en fantastisk intervju om den stora gruvkatastrofen i Chile:

Alfredo Cooper, kaplan eller pastor för den chilenska presidenten, säger något märkligt i en intervju för BBC:

‘I am a chaplain in the presidential palace and so we had to quickly put together an emergency prayer meeting and it was with all our hearts because to imagine these 33 men a kilometre under the earth not knowing whether they were alive or what was going through their minds.17 days we prayed and then the miracle came when the boring machine glanced off a rock and hit them – hit the cavern they were in – and of course we just erupted in praise. The second service the president called for was a praise meeting so we had a thanksgiving service and since then we’ve had constant prayer. And this has been one of the interesting factors for folk like us to notice. Many of the miners went down as atheists, unbelievers or semi-believers and they have come up to a man testifying that they were not 33 but that there were 34 down there – that Jesus was there with them and that they had a constant sense of his guidance and presence.’

Läs hela intervjun i PJ Saunders blogg:

Radiointervjun finns här:

Om du vill höra Alfredo Coopers ord, kan du lyssna på vad han säger (1.11.40-1.15.0).

Praise the Lord!

Vi minns Daniel, den fjärde i den brinnande ugnen, vi minns Jona i den stora fiskens buk…

Glöm inte!